Stolt Tankers claims emissions reduction from barge ops at Houston Port

Norwegian tanker operator Stolt Tankers has revealed that barge operation in the Port of Houston is not only reducing the duration of port calls for its ships, but also cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  

Stolt Tankers

The three barges were introduced to offload cargo while ships are idle instead of having to wait for the terminal to be ready to receive them.

The barges then move the offloaded cargo to the terminal at the next available opportunity. This has allowed Stolt Tankers to reduce the average duration its ships stay in port by three days and fuel consumption by an average 1.7%, according to the company.

“In total, in 2022, this operation has led to a 6,585-tonne reduction of our ships’ CO2 emissions,” explained Bharat Nayar, Stolt Tankers’ Business Partner, Sustainability and Decarbonisation.

“Over the same period, the barges emitted 2,508 tonnes of CO2, so we’ve made a net reduction of 4,077 tonnes.”

“This shows the potential that a barge operation has to support us as we work towards our sustainability ambitions. It is a scalable solution that we could, in the future, extend by increasing our fleet of barges in Houston or by rolling out such an operation in other ports.” 

In addition to the reduced port stays and environmental benefits, Stolt Tankers is also enabling the ships to move rapidly out of the harbour and back to sea.

To remind, Stolt Tankers has recently signed a two-year agreement with Canada-based Graphite Innovations & Technology (GIT) to apply graphene-based propeller coatings to 25 ships.

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