Stone Harbor, Avalon Beach Fill Update Released

Officials from Avalon and Stone Harbor yesterday attended the weekly progress meeting about the upcoming beach fill project.

The Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company’s cutter suction dredger Texas will be finishing up some emergency work in the Christiana River likely by Sunday, February 5th, the meeting revealed.

Once that work is completed, the dredger will make its way to Hereford Inlet near Stone Harbor to begin the actual beach fill work.

The anticipated start date of the actual dredging is February 12th, 2017.

The project will begin in Stone Harbor and pump sand from Hereford Inlet from the south end of Stone Harbor to 105th Street. Then, the dredger will be mobilized to Townsend’s Inlet to conduct a major beach fill project in Avalon anticipated to run from 9th Street to the northern limits of 38th Street.

Stone Harbor’s initial portion of the project is anticipated to place 390,000 cubic yards of sand on the Borough’s beachfront.

Some additional federal emergency funding is likely going to be awarded that will be placed on the northern Stone Harbor beaches from 80th Street to 105th, along with Avalon’s beaches from 76th Street to 80th Street.

That will occur after the major Avalon beach fill and is dependent on a reasonable quote from Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company; a quote for the work is expected in the coming days and will be presented to the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

If awarded, that would place an additional 320,00 cubic yards of sand on Stone harbor Beaches.

In attendance from Stone Harbor were Council President Karen Lane, Council members Joselyn Rich and Ray Parzych, Business Administrator Jill Gougher, Public Works Director Grant Russ and Engineer Marc DiBlasio. In attendance from Avalon were Business Administrator Scott Wahl and Engineer Steve Morey from Mott MacDonald.

Representatives from the United States Army Corps of Engineers, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company, LLC also attended the meeting.

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