Stranded Focomar Crew Safe and Sound

The twenty-four crew members of the Panamanian-flagged bulker Focomar have been rescued after taking refuge on a small island west of Socotra a few days earlier.

The crew abandoned their vessel in a lifeboat after MV Focomar suffered engine problems at sea early last week.

The 2011-built bulker was last reported to be headed to Singapore when it departed Djibouti on July 27 before it lost signal on August 11th.

With limited radio communications, they had been able to put out a may-day call from the island to say that they were stranded, with little food and water, Eunavfor informed.

“They issued a may-day signal which was picked up by the EU Naval Force. In coordination with the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, based in Sana’a, Italian Navy warship ITS Libeccio was tasked by the EU Force Commander to sail at best speed towards the island and provide much-needed food and water to twenty four stranded seafarers,” the naval force added.

According to Eunavfor, the seafarers departed to the port of Djibouti, having been picked up by a tug sent by the vessel’s owner.

Local reports indicate that the stricken tanker was towed by UAE tug Mubarak Challenger to Djibouti.

Image: Eunavfor

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