Photo: Courtesy of Strandline

Strandline inks power agreement with Contract Power

Contract Power will build, own, operate and maintain the power generation and LNG storage and regasification facilities for Strandline’s Coburn mineral sands project in Western Australia.

Strandline inks power agreement with Contract Power
Courtesy of Strandline

A subsidiary of Pacific Energy, Contract Power Australia, signed a 15-year electricity supply agreement with mineral sands developer Strandline Resources.

Contract Power will be working on a 32-megawatt hybrid gas and renewable energy solution for the Coburn mineral sands project.

Coburn’s purpose-designed power infrastructure is based on a low-cost, low-emission solution integrating natural gas-fuelled generation with solar and battery storage technology.

The executed electricity supply agreement enables Strandline to pay less for power than it was forecasted in the Definitive Feasibility Study published in June 2020.

The Coburn power plant is to be located near the mineral separation plant. The power station is designed to be suitable for a maximum demand capacity of 15 megawatt and average consumed power of ~10 megawatt.

Natural gas will be supplied by others under an industry-standard long-term LNG supply agreement and trucked to an on-site storage and re-vaporisation facility supplied by Contract Power.