Students Visit Statfjord A Platform (Norway)

 Students Visit Statfjord A Platform

Students from Danielsen upper secondary school in Bergen were the winners of this year’s prestigious Natural Science Award. This week they got to visit the Statfjord A platform in the North Sea.

The competition tasks are prepared in accordance with target student competency levels in physics and chemistry.

The prize, a grant of NOK 50,000 paid to the winners’ class, must be used to fund a scientific excursion or event. The students who win the national award also get to visit a North Sea platform.

Statoil’s Natural Science Award forms part of the educational section of Statoil’s Heroes of Tomorrow sponsorship programme.

In a statement issued today Statoil said: “We wish to stimulate young people’s interest and curiosity in technology and science subjects.

The Heroes of Tomorrow programme is all about encouraging young people who have the ability and the willingness to think outside the box, plus the skills and stamina to work hard in order to achieve outstanding results. “

September 19, 2013