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Subsea Innovation bags Pipe-In-Pipe Waterstop deals

Subsea Innovation has won multiple contracts across the offshore oil and gas sector to supply Pipe-In-Pipe Waterstop SISeals.

Specifically, over the past six months, Tekmar company landed four contracts to supply SIStop Waterstop Seals to two offshore contractors.

Two of the contracts will also include the supply of Subsea Innovation’s Next Generation Seal design.

Waterstop Seals provide a solution for isolating a section of flooded annulus in offshore risers or flowlines by preventing water passage to the adjacent Pipe-In-Pipe sections during installation and normal operation.

The new design addresses potential challenges experienced with HFW pipes and seam welded pipes introduced as part of cost-saving measures.

HFW or seam welded pipes often require localised polishing to improve the sealing ability.

Subsea Innovation’s SIStop Waterstop Seal eliminates the need for this, sealing on pipes with greater surface defects and impurities.

The design and tests of Waterstops will take place at Subsea Innovation’s facility in Darlington, UK.

The delivery should be in 2020 for projects around the world including the Gulf of Mexico.

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David Thompson, managing director at Subsea Innovation, said:

“This confirms the global demand for our field-proven Waterstop seals, whilst further establishing Subsea Innovation as the market-leading supplier of pipe-in-pipe Waterstops.”