SULIS Subsea to Unveil New Imaging Technology

SULIS Subsea Corporation will unveil its newest deep-ocean imaging technology, centered around the Z70, a subsea camera product with 4K optical capability, at OCEANS ’15.

SULIS’s founder, Adam Gobi, designed the entire imaging pathway for James Cameron’s DEEPSEA CHALLENGER, including the full-ocean depth 3D HD and 5K camera systems, and the submersible’s full suite of imaging and recording subsystems.

With an eye to offer the same level of imaging capability to underwater vehicles worldwide, he headed home to Newfoundland to start SULIS, and was awarded several contracts to design new technology for the Schmidt Ocean Institute, the company wrote in a press release.

“I wanted to create a company that walked the line between commercial entity and research organization. While we will continue to seek commercial success, our principal mission is to conduct world-class R&D,” said Adam Gobi.

SULIS will showcase its innovations at OCEANS’15, including the Z70, a deepsea camera featuring 4K zoom optics and an ultra-wide angle field of view; the Brain box, a multi-faceted 4K video processing and recording solution; and Hyllum, a high-output hybrid video/flash lighting system.