Sumitomo Electric on Stikine Crossing cable replacement duty

Japanese cabling specialist Sumitomo Electric recently won a contract for the Stikine Crossing submarine cable replacement project.

Courtesy: Sumitomo Electric

Specifically, the project takes place in the Stikine Crossing (approximately 5 kilometres) between Vank and Woronkofski Islands, near Wrangell, Alaska.

The purpose of this project is to remove and discard one existing 138kV oil filled submarine power cable.

Consequently, Sumitomo will install an environmentally friendly 69kV XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) submarine cable with ancillary equipment for a fully functional system.

The approximately $13 million contract came from Southeast Alaska Power Agency (SEAPA).

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In 2018, Sumitomo Electric also completed a very similar project in relatively close waters for Orcas Power & Light, Washington, USA.

This SEAPA project, secured through Sumitomo Electric U.S. subsidiary, should wrap up in October 2021.