SWBSG Develops Good Practice Guide for Wind Farms alongside Birds

The Scottish Government, in cooperation with several companies  and charities, will publish a “Good Practice Guide” that aims to protect the birds, at a summit in Perth today.

SWBSG Develops Good Practice for Wind Farms Alongside BirdsScottish Windfarm Bird Steering Group (SWBSG), comprising of the Scottish Government, Scottish Natural Heritage, RSPB Scotland and Scottish Renewables, has already spent around £50,000 on studies, according to the Click Green website.

The guide will be based on the research being carried out by Stirling and Newcastle universities.

Environment Minister Paul Wheelhouse said: “This is an important step forward, demonstrating that the renewables industry and conservation groups are working together to help the conservation of bird populations across Scotland.”

Professor Colin Galbraith, Chairman of the SWBSG, said: “The renewables industry is acutely aware of the need to protect the environment and this guide will provide it with additional tools to do this.

“By involving industry and conservation groups in its production, the guide will build on existing monitoring of bird populations and data-sharing initiatives, as well as providing a unique overview and insight into the techniques used to manage habitats for birds around wind farms.”

At the SWBSG’s event which will be held at SNH Conference Centre, Battleby, the organization will give an update on the research and organise workshop sessions covering the assessment of cumulative impact, the use of large scale studies and what the current research means for the industry.

Offshore WIND staff, May 13, 2014; Image: sxc