Swedish tidal test in need of Northern Ireland marine service

Minesto’s Strangford Lough test site (Photo: Minesto)

Marine energy developer Minesto is looking to enter into a framework agreement for marine operations services at its tidal test site in Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland.

Starting from 2010, Minesto has been testing its scale Deep Green technology models at the Strangford Lough demonstration site for long term testing in offshore conditions.

Minesto's Strangford Lough test site (Photo: Minesto)

In order to carry out the testing, Minesto occasionally needs marine support services for diving works, vessel maintenance, mooring/barge maintenance and marker buoy servicing.

Thus, Minesto would like to set up a framework agreement with one or several suppliers of these services, according to the tender on Welsh government’s procurement portal Sell2Wales, which is open for applications until May 23, 2018.

To remind, Minesto has recently awarded J Mitchell Fishing with a contract for the provision of a vessel that will also support scale testing of Deep Green tidal energy technology in Northern Ireland.

The test site is used for the optimization of fundamental parts of Deep Green power plant by transferring and implementing knowledge gained through scale testing to full-scale, commercial product.

Minesto’s first commercial-scale 500kW Deep Green tidal power plant is currently undergoing phased installation at Holyhead Deep in Wales that is expected to be completed over the coming months the Swedish developer said earlier.