Systematic Sets SITE On Offshore Wind

Systematic has designed a new software solution called SITE which is said to improve employee safety and streamline logistics at offshore wind farms.

Source: Systematic

SITE aims to enhance personal safety in demanding offshore environments, as well as optimize complex logistics involved when establishing and maintaining offshore wind farms, Systematic said.

Operational users and vessels are equipped with mobile applications that can send data over the available radio channels, and thus pass plans and mapping information back and forth, although there is no access to capabilities normally required for this, such as a 3G network and Wi-Fi, or if the radio connection to land is lost, Flemming Bent Thomsen, Systematic Group Senior Vice President, said.

“With SITE, we provide a digital platform that creates an effective overview of everything that’s going on, and establishes reliable communication between marine coordinators on land and the vessels and personnel operating offshore on and around the wind turbines,” Thomsen said.

“It’s vital with reliable tracking of all people, vessels and assets at all times and to be able to coordinate both planned and unforeseen tasks effectively. These capabilities are absolutely crucial for commercial success. At the same time, there are extremely strict safety requirements that must be complied with, and it’s crucial to know where every person is at any given time. SITE provides exactly the right tools needed for doing this.”

Systematic, together with Semco Maritime, entered into an agreement with Vattenfall in January 2017 to deliver a fully-integrated tracking and communication system for Vattenfall’s offshore and onshore wind operations.