T.O.S. Ship Deliveries Meet at Las Palmas, Spain

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Two ship deliveries. One sailing from North to South and one sailing from East to West gathering at Las Palmas. An unique opportunity for the T.O.S. crew to get acquainted.

Last week the ‘The Singapore Inspector’ left The Netherlands and is now half way on a stopover at Las Palmas. Her final destination is Nigeria to start work in the Nigerian offshore oilfields as platform maintenance and inspection vessel.

On the 12th of November the ASD tug ‘Seaspan Terminal III’ left the harbour of Tuzla, Turkey for a journey of approximately two months. T.O.S. crew is sailing her all the way to Vancouver, Canada.

Both vessels are under full T.O.S. management and with a T.O.S. crew.


Source:T.O.S., November 25, 2010;

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