Taiwan ups January LNG imports

LNG imports into Taiwan during the month of January, amounted to 1.11 million mt showing a rise of 38.7% compared to the same month a year before, and 38.3% rise compared to December 2014.

As Platts reports, this is due to a 1 million mt increase in LNG consumption by the state-owned Taiwan Power.

The company decided to up the LNG consumption for power generation as two 300 MW coal-fired power plants were dismantled in August 2014. This brings Taiwan Power’s total estimated consumption up to 8.9 million mt from 7.9 million mt for the year 2014. The utility accounts for 60% of Taiwan’s total LNG consumption.

The country increased its LNG imports from Malaysia and Indonesia rising 158,6% and 34.3% respectively, compared to the same month in 2014.


LNG World News Staff; Image: CPC