Taylor-Wharton, HAM to Provide Services for North American LNG Projects

Taylor-Wharton, HAM to Provide Services for North American LNG Projects

Taylor-Wharton Cryogenics and The HAM Group announced a strategic partnership in North America to provide equipment, installation, construction and service for North American LNG projects.

Sales and engineering teams for upcoming projects will be provided by Taylor-Wharton CryoLNG while The HAM Group installation and service personnel will provide permitting, construction, installation and services for projects featuring Taylor-Wharton LNG equipment. Particular emphasis will be placed on the emerging High Horse Power (HHP) markets for marine, rail, industrial, E&P, LNG bunkering and mining uses of LNG.

The agreement combines North American based Taylor-Wharton, a leading worldwide LNG equipment manufacturer, with HAM Group, which has provided construction, installation and service for more than 300 LNG installations in Spain, Europe, the Caribbean and South America, including LNG vaporization stations — a series of LNG fueling stations for heavy duty trucks and tank installations at larger LNG installations. Taylor-Wharton has been a pioneer in very large LNG tanks, offering shop-built vacuum insulated tanks of up to 1,000,000 gallons + (3,785 cubic meters +), which provide improved economics versus the traditional very large site-built storage tanks or larger quantities of smaller shop-built vacuum insulated tanks. The HAM Group has pioneered SCADA systems that track station performance and fuel levels to ensure timely fuel deliveries and to anticipate the need for service work.

“As LNG usage grows rapidly in North America, this agreement will help our LNG customers and especially new users to have the confidence that there installations will be trouble free,” said Dave Barr, vice president / general manager of CryoLNG for Taylor-Wharton Cryogenics LLC. “Taylor-Wharton has the experience in cryogenic equipment design and technology, and we have committed resources in manufacturing to meet the upcoming rapid demand curve,” Barr said.

“The HAM Group brings unparalleled experience in the construction of complete LNG system design and construction,” Barr continued. “The new TW and HAM partnership will assure customers they will have on-time LNG system installations that perform at or above expectations.”

LNG World News Staff, September 18, 2013; Image: HAM