TE SubCom Achieves Transmission Capacity Record

TE SubCom, a TE Connectivity company, has achieved a new transmission record of 70.4 Tb/s capacity over 7,600 km utilizing its newly available C+L technology.

The C+L technology includes amplifiers with nearly 10THz of usable optical bandwidth, a transmission line designed to minimize noise accumulation and maximize performance, a new transmission format using multi-dimensional coded modulation with hybrid probabilistic and geometrical constellation shaping, and digital signal processing featuring several stages of non-linear compensation.

TE SubCom will deploy C+L technology in an undersea cable system which started manufacturing in late 2016, the company said.

“70.4 Tb/s is a staggering figure,” said Neal Bergano, chief technology officer, TE SubCom. “With accelerating data center growth, developments in virtual and augmented reality, 4k and 8k video and machine-to-machine technology, bandwidth demands will continue unabated. Cable operators will continue to seek the fastest, highest capacity and most cost-effective systems available to them, and this new record positions C+L technology as the industry standard. We couldn’t be prouder of our research and development team for this tremendous achievement.”