Tendering Process for Viking Link Starts

National Grid Interconnector and Energinet.dk have started the process to appoint a marine contractor to carry out seabed surveys between England and Denmark for their joint Viking Link interconnector project.

The appointment, which is expected to be early next year, marks a major step forward for the proposal to build a 1400 megawatt electricity interconnector between the two countries, National Grid noted.

The successful tenderer will carry out geophysical surveys and sampling to pinpoint areas of environmental and archaeological interest and help identify the best route for the marine cables and suitable landing locations.

If granted planning permission, Viking Link will extend for approximately 650km under the North Sea between the western coast of Denmark and the east coast of England in Lincolnshire. It will connect into the National Grid at an existing substation at Bicker Fen and into the Danish electricity network an existing substation site at Revsing, National Grid explained.

Alan Foster director, European Business Development, National Grid said: “Connecting to Denmark will allow Great Britain to trade with the wider European, Scandinavian and Nordic electricity markets and bring additional sources of renewable energy to Britain from Denmark and its neighbouring countries. This in turn should have a positive impact on energy prices and increase security of energy supply for our country.”

Energinet.dk’s technical director, Torben Glar Nielsen, said: “It is essential for the effective development of Europe’s energy systems that electricity can move more freely across borders. Countries need to be more closely connected to each other physically.

“Viking Link can provide great socio economic gains, not only in Britain and Denmark, but throughout the north of Europe. We are delighted that the project is steadily moving forward,”

The intention is for the interconnector to be operational by the end of 2022. The timing of this will depend upon obtaining all of the necessary consents and a final investment decision in early 2018.

Viking Link is being developed in cooperation between National Grid Interconnector Limited, a subsidiary of National Grid the English Transmission System Operator and Energinet.dk, the Danish Transmission System Operator.