Photo: Jan De Nul; TPC Changhua Phase I (Illustration)

Teras Offshore broadens its work scope for Taipower Phase II OWF

Teras Offshore, which was awarded a wind turbine installation contract for the Taipower Offshore Wind Project Phase II in December, will also work on the procurement and installation of wind farm’s other components.

The company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ezion Holdings, will provide project management and consultancy services for the procurement, transportation and installation of the foundations, subsea cables, and the offshore substation for the 300 MW project.

Taipower’s offshore wind farm, also known as TPC Changhua Phase II, will comprise 31 offshore wind turbines, most likely with an output of 9.5 MW each, according to earlier information on the project.

At the beginning of December 2020, Foxwell Energy – which won the tender from Taipower to develop the project in June last year – signed a $ 83.4 million (around € 68.7 million) contract with Teras Offshore for the transportation and installation of the project’s offshore wind turbines.

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The offshore wind farm, located approximately 14.7 kilometres west of Lukang in Changhua County, is expected to come online by September 2025.

Detailed design is set to be carried out in this year, with the manufacturing of substructures, wind turbines and related equipment planned to begin in 2022. Subsea cables, foundations and wind turbines are expected to be installed in 2024 and 2025. 

The 300 MW TPC Changhua Phase II is the largest offshore wind farm being developed solely by Taiwan Power Company (Taipower; TPC).