The Netherlands: EMO Reaches Milestone with Billionth Tonne of Dry Bulk

EMO hits a new dry bulk discharge record today — the billionth tonne of dry bulk. A milestone for Europe’s largest dry bulk terminal.

EMO Reaches Milestone with Billionth Tonne of Dry Bulk

Forty years ago, EMO unloaded its first tonne of iron ore (November 28th 1973). Now the terminal has reached the billion tonne mark.

The honour goes to the Vale China. The Vale China, with its 375,000 tonnes of iron ore, is one of the largest dry bulk vessels in the world. The vessel is 362 metres long, 65 metres at the beam, and has a draft of 23 metres. Using three 85-tonne grab unloaders, it takes approximately four days to unload the Vale China. Thanks to EMO’s unloading capacity and draft, the EMO terminal is an ideal destination for this huge bulk vessel.

EMO is the largest transhipment terminal for coal and iron ore in Europe. Strategically located at the Maasvlakte in the port of Rotterdam, the terminal holds a prominent position in the coal and iron ore market. Established in 1973, the iron ore storage and transhipment company, rapidly developed into a modern and multifunctional company. In addition to unloading seagoing vessels and loading trains, lighters and seagoing vessels, EMO carries out other activities such as screening, blending and washing coal.


EMO, January 14, 2014