The Netherlands: IHC’s Deep Sea Dredging & Mining Unit to Host Visitors of CEDA Dredging Days 2011

IHC Merwede combines centuries of experience in dredging, mining and offshore technology to create technical innovations for customers. By continuous development of new technology the company seeks to meet the requirements of companies operating in the mining and offshore energy industries that are responding to the growing need for resources such as marine minerals and creating infrastructures in deep waters.

Therefore, it is most appropriate for CEDA Dredging Days 2011 – with dredging for the offshore oil and gas industry and deep sea mining amongst the main topics – to include a visit to IHC Merwede hosted by its Deep Sea Dredging & Mining Unit in the programme.

The technical visit will take place on the shipyard in Kinderdijk. The aim is to ensure that participants will benefit the most from the visit. Participants will have the opportunity to visit the slipway where the construction of vessels takes place. If possible, a tour will also be made on one of the ships being constructed.

Participants will be given an insight to OceanflORE, the joint venture between IHC Merwede and DEME for developing deep-sea mining activities. IHC Merwede will be responsible for the development and construction of technical solutions, while DEME will be responsible for operations. OceanflORE will provide services on basis of a cost per ton already known in the dredging industry, lowering the entry barrier of an ocean mining venture.

Source: ceda ,May 30, 2011