The Netherlands: Royal Imtech Adds USD 106.4 Mln to Its Orderbook

Royal Imtech Adds USD 106.4 Mln to Its Orderbook

Royal Imtech N.V. announced that it has recently received new marine services and maintenance orders worth approximately 82 million euro (USD 106.4 million).

In its marine activities Imtech is focusing on among others on growth in services and maintenance and expansion of the number of services branches along important shipping routes. A Global Control Centre has been established to follow vessels remotely 24/7. This is an important innovation in the marine market.

René van der Bruggen, CEO Imtech: “In the marine market, Imtech is working towards strategic growth in its services and maintenance activities and a strong expansion of the number of services branches along important shipping routes. Imtech now has the most extensive global service network in the marine market. These services branches focused previously on navigation and communications technology, but now offer Imtech’s entire marine services package, leading to cross-selling and further growth. The new orders are good evidence of this. A new development is following vessels remotely, 24/7. This offers Imtech numerous new possibilities.”

Imtech has the most extensive global service network in the market

Imtech’s marine services activities are developing extremely well. The number of services branches has expanded considerably in 2012 including opening branches in Brazil, Spain, Scotland, Belgium, the USA (there are now 17 service branches there), China and along the west coast of Africa (including Nigeria, Angola, Ghana, Congo, Gabon and Kenya). Imtech is also able to provide marine services along the entire African west coast. Imtech was already active along the African north coast and in Egypt. A services site was also opened recently in St Petersburg in Russia, bringing the global service network to almost one hundred branches. In addition to marine services, these new branches enable other technical solutions to be offered, leading to considerable spin-off. Developments in China are a good example of this, with orders for various automated bridge systems, including for Cosco Nantong. The number of marine maintenance contracts is also increasing, with maintenance contracts recently being entered with various ship management companies and navies.

Global Control Centre to follow vessels remotely 24/7

A new development is offering remote marine services. Imtech has recently established a Global Control Centre to follow vessels remotely, 24/7. This competence centre, manned from Rotterdam, Houston (USA) and Singapore, can follow shipping movements globally and enables Imtech to provide actual 24/7 services in all time zones across the world. Ship owners and shipping companies are making increasing use of this. This remote maintenance leads to exploitation improvements as well as making business intelligence and data management possible; a new development in this market with interesting growth perspectives. The digital platform offers customers the possibility of accessing vessel data while vessels are underway. Imtech plays a supporting and facilitating role in this. In the future it will be possible to exchange this data with vessel movement data in ports, in which Imtech is also a strong player.

1 EUR = 1.29831 USD


Royal Imtech N.V, November 29, 2012