THETIS MRE Bring Together Players in Marine Renewable Energy (France)

THETIS MRE Bring Together Players in Marine Renewable Energy (France)

THETIS MRE, the only annual convention devoted to marine renewable energy (MRE), will take place from 10 to 11 April 2013 in Brest, in Brittany (Western France). Made up of an exhibition and conference sessions, the convention will provide an opportunity for the major international players of the sector to gather and exchange ideas about the marine-based energies of the future.

For its second year, THETIS MRE will bring together players in the marine-renewable-energy (MRE) sector for an exhibition and conference, from 10 to 11 April of next year. Recognised as a centre of expertise in the field, Brest (in Brittany) will host the only professional event of its kind, dedicated solely to marine forms of energy. The aim of this annual convention is to promote and reinforce the MRE industry, giving it a leading position internationally.

THETIS MRE is seen as a unique crossroads for professional exchanges about the energies of the future. An exhibition, an R&D and innovation area, as well as zones dedicated to networking will provide numerous opportunities for exchanging views regarding market trends and technological developments across the industry.

THETIS MRE will also host a diverse range of workshops and conferences headed by specialists from across the globe.

Throughout the event, all aspects of renewable sea-based energies will be examined, including tidal power, ocean thermal-energy conversion (OTEC), offshore wind farming (both anchored and floating), wave-energy conversion, and osmotic power.

The first THETIS MRE, which took place in Bordeaux (South-Western France) in January 2012, was a huge success: in a post-event survey, 95% of exhibitors said that the event responded perfectly to their expectations.

Unique in its sector, THETIS MRE provides the opportunity to participate in an international convention specifically dedicated to MRE. As well as the discovery of opportunities in the French market, the event allows for meetings with future partners and clients. Moreover, it makes it possible to learn about the world leaders in the field and to share information about the latest technologies. In short, THETIS MRE offers a unique opportunity for all players that are active in the MRE industry.

Press Release, November 08, 2012