Titan LNG bunkers Fure West at North Sea Port

Titan LNG bunkers Fure West at North Sea Port
Image courtesy of North Sea Port

Titan LNG, the service supplier of liquefied natural gas, completed the first sea-going vessel LNG bunkering operation in the North Sea Port. 

The truck-to-ship bunkering operation was carried out at Kluizendok in Ghent, with LNG being pumped to the sea-going vessel Fure West from trucks on the quay, North Sea Port said in its statement.

The tanker with a length of 144 m, is owned by the Swedish shipping company Furetank.

The ship was supplied by 8 trucks carrying about 19 tons of LNG each, a total of over 150 tons of LNG. The trucks loaded the LNG from Rotterdam and Zeebrugge.

The port added that it aims to make the LNG bunkering operations a routine in the North Sea Port in the future.

North Sea Port is investigating further opportunities for LNG bunkering using the ship-to-ship method.

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