Top news, August 24 – 30, 2015

Tidal Energy Today Staff has compiled the top news from tidal and wave energy industry from August 24 – 30, 2015.

TN-Makai-connects-OTEC-plant-to-US-gridMakai connects OTEC plant to US grid

Makai Ocean Enegineering has completed the ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) power plant and connected it to the Hawaiian electricity grid. Makai’s OTEC power plant uses the temperature difference between the ocean’s cold deep water and warm surface water, and is located at Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority (NELHA). It’s generation capacity is 100 kW, which is enough to power 120 Hawaiian households.

Sofyan Basir and Michael Spencer (MoU signing ceremony)

Indonesia to get commercial-scale tidal power plant

Indonesian national electric utility company PT PLN (Persero) and British-based marine renewable energy developer SBS have signed a memorandum of understanding for the development of tidal energy power plant. The planned tidal-stream facility will be a phased development, starting initially with a total capacity of 12 MW, and eventually expanding to 140 MW.

Weather buoy at SEM-REV

SEM-REV test site officially opens

SEM-REV, marine renewable energy test site located 30 km off the city of Le Croisic on the French Atlantic coast, has been officially opened on August 25, 2015. Operated jointly by the CNRS and Centrale Nantes, SEM-REV has installed equipment at sea and on land for the development and demonstration of scaled marine renewable energy technology prototypes. This operational test site is equipped with an electric cable with a capacity of 8 MW connected to the French grid.

WERPO's wave energy technology

WERPO announces twofold venture in Sri Lanka

WERPO, an Israeli wave energy developer, has entered into an agreement with Help Mankind for a twofold joint venture. The first venture comprises the implementation of a manufacturing plant for the production of the equipment used by WERPO in its patented wave energy generation technology. Secondly, WERPO will construct the first of a series of electrical power plants in Sri Lanka.

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