Top news, January 18 – 24, 2016

Tidal Energy Today has compiled the top news from tidal and wave energy industry from January 18 – 24, 2016.

OpenHydro's tidal turbine (Photo: DCNS)

Paimpol-Bréhat project: DCNS installs first turbine

The first 500 kW tidal turbine has been deployed at its planned location, off Brittany, France, and the operation took half an hour to complete. It was installed using a dedicated barge designed by DCNS/OpenHydro.The operation was performed by 20 DCNS’ and OpenyHydro’s employees. DCNS will now connect the turbine to the French grid using the subsea converter constructed by GE.

TN-China-deploys-3.4-MW-tidal-energy-generator-off-ZhoushanChina deploys 3.4 MW tidal energy generator off Zhoushan

A 3.4 MW tidal power generator developed by China has been installed off Zhoushan island, eastern part of the country. The modular generator is 70 m long and 30 m wide. With the height of 20 m, it weighs around 2,500 tonnes. The device is expected to start producing electricity in June, 2016, with the predicted annual output of 6,000 MW/h.

TN-Sotenäs-wave-energy-plant-powers-up-Nordic-gridSotenäs wave energy plant powers up Nordic grid

Sotenäs wave energy plant has started delivering power to the Nordic electricity grid following the connection of several buoys to wave energy converters. The first 1 MW, of the 10 MW wave energy farm, was connected to the Swedish national grid late in December 2015, following the installation of 120 tonnes subsea generator.

Penguin WEC (Photo: Wello Oy)

Penguin seen off Cornwall

Penguin wave energy device, developed by the Finnish wave energy company Wello Oy, has arrived to Falmouth harbour ahead of trials at Wave Hub set to take place later this year. This is the first out of three planned Penguin devices that will undergo testing at Wave Hub as part of the CEFOW Project.

Cantabria Coastal and Ocean Basin (Photo: IH Cantabria)

Bimep, IH Cantabria launch TRL+ project

The consortium between Biscay Marine Energy Platform (bimep) and IH Cantabria has launched TRL+ project that aims to advance the development of marine energy industry. The TRL+ initiative, led by bimep, will seek projects that enhance technological and scientific solutions for marine renewable energies in deep and very deep waters, as well as market oriented approach supporting industrial needs.


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