Top news, June 5 – 11, 2017

Tidal Energy Today has compiled the top news from tidal and wave energy industry from June 5 – 11, 2017.

Evopod tidal unit hits Portuguese waters

The MORE team of the Centre for Marine and Environmental Research (CIMA) from the University of Algarve has installed a scaled Evopod tidal energy unit off Portugal. The 1:10 scale device will remain in place for the next three months as part of the SCORE project.

Verdant Power scores $3.8M for TriFrame demo project

US Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy has awarded $3.75 million to Verdant Power to further develop its TriFrame tidal foundation. The selected Verdant Power project includes the execution of an integrated design process, along with associated operational requirements for system IO&M.

WaveEL wave device powers Norwegian grid

Waves4Power’s wave energy system has started delivering electricity to the Norwegian grid on June 2, 2017, after it was connected to the shore via 3 km long cable. The system, comprised of the WaveEL buoy, a connection hub, and custom designed proprietary marine cables, is installed at Runde test site, off the west coast of Norway.

Columbia Power bags wave energy funding

Columbia Power Technologies has been selected to receive $3.75 million in second-phase funding from the US Department of Energy to further advance its wave energy technology. The funding will be used to demonstrate a streamlined, cost-effective installation and recovery process for the StingRAY floating wave energy converter.

Japanese firm demonstrates floating wave prototype

Wave Energy Technology has concluded the demonstration trials on its scaled floating wave energy prototype off Kobe city in Japan. The demonstration was conducted on a scaled unit, 1.4 meters in diameter, in mid-May on a jetty at the Port of Kobe, and 3 km further offshore.

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