Trelleborg Hired to Help Port of Longyearbyen Berth Larger Ships

Trelleborg’s marine operation has been awarded the contract to supply two MV1250 linked corner fender systems and nine MV750 side modular fenders to the port of Longyearbyen in Norway, through contractor A. Våge AS. The new fenders will be installed along the port’s Bykaia quay, allowing the quay to berth the latest ultra large container and cruise ships.

Trelleborg Hired to Help Port of Longyearbyen Berth Larger Ships

The two MV1250 linked corner fender systems, each of which comprises three modular fender panels, will be installed either side of seven MV750 side modular fenders at the 84 meter quay. One MV750 side panel will also be installed on either side of the quay at 16 meters.

Askjell Våge, Managing Director at A. Våge AS, says: “Located just 1,300 kilometers from the North Pole, the port of Longyearbyen represents a logistic and commercial hub for cargo and cruise vessels for the Svalbard archipelago. However, the port’s existing fenders weren’t able to successfully accommodate these larger vessels.

Therefore, we worked closely with Trelleborg and their representative for marine fenders in Norway, Fenconor, to define the ideal solution that would not only stand the test of time in even the harshest of arctic weather conditions, but guarantee the demanding load-bearing requirements of larger vessels. Suitable for high energy applications, whilst ensuring long service life and low maintenance, Trelleborg’s modular fenders certainly didn’t disappoint.”

Richard Hepworth, President of Trelleborg Marine Systems, says: “Whilst some ports have been slow to acknowledge the need to upgrade their infrastructure to accommodate larger vessels, as highlighted by this year’s Barometer Report 4, it’s pleasing to see that the port of Longyearbyen is committed to addressing the issue.”

Trelleborg’s latest Barometer Report 4, which surveyed 200 port owners, operators, contractors and consultants on a range of industry issues, revealed that as many as 40% don’t think current port infrastructure is adequate to keep up with the onwards logistics demands of increased vessel sizes and throughput.

Despite sub-zero temperatures, A. Våge AS successfully installed both the MV1250 corner fender systems, each of the nine MV750 side modular fenders and the MV750 side panels using water cooling equipment. This ensured that from beginning to end, the installation process took less than half the time originally anticipated.

When the wider quay upgrade is complete, Longyearbyen’s Bykaia will offer 116 meters of deep water quay, with up to nine meters depth, enabling berthing for vessels over 330 meters in length.

Press Release, June 30, 2014

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