Trilateral talks on renewable energy held at PLOCAN

EU-Caribbean-Latin America meeting (Photo: PLOCAN)

The opportunities for joint renewable energy research and development in the European Union, Caribbean and Latin America were explored in a meeting held at the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN).

The meeting, held mid-December, was focused on evaluating the availability of infrastructures for research and innovation, and for the implementation of a pilot joint call in the field of renewable energy in the European Union and Community of Caribbean and Latin American States.

The joint call entails R&D collaboration connected to energy research and innovation agendas in these regions.

Participants at the meeting included members from PLOCAN and the Canary Islands government, along with the partners in the projects ALCUENET (Latin American, Caribbean and European network for research and innovation) and ERANET LAC (Network of the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean for joint innovation and research activities).

The partners come both from the public and private sectors, as well as from civil society, combining their efforts to support the development of a partnership within the context of bi-regional research and collaborative innovation, according to PLOCAN.

The discussions included key players from funding bodies in more than 20 countries in the European Union and the Community of Caribbean and Latin American States, as well as experts in science and technology in the field of renewable energy and management of major infrastructures, PLOCAN informed.

PLOCAN is a research facility co-funded by the Spanish and Canary Islands governments with the aim of supporting the research and development in the fields of ocean science and technology.

To remind, PLOCAN offshore platform, designed to serve as a research center with the aim of advancing marine sciences and offshore renewable energies, has been anchored off the coast of Gran Canaria late in November.

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