Trinidad’s May LNG production surges YoY

Trinidad and Tobago’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) production rose 40 percent year-on-year in May to 2.32 million cubic meters.

Trinidad onshore compression project (Image courtesy of BP)

When compared to the month before, production at Atlantic LNG’s Point Fortin facility remained almost flat, according to the data by Trinidad’s Ministry of Energy.

In the January-May period, Atlantic LNG produced 12.07 million cubic meters of the chilled fuel, a rise of 23.2 percent as compared to the year before.

Trinidad’s LNG production started to pick up last year helped by new upstream gas developments such as BP’s Juniper project and the onshore compression project.

These new developments are helping Trinidad get back on track in reversing the negative trend in domestic gas production and are boosting LNG production at the country’s sole facility.

LNG sales and deliveries from Atlantic LNG’s 14.8 mtpa export facility came to 52 million MMBtu in May a rise of 31.9 percent on year, the ministry’s data showed.

Trinidad’s gas production increased 15.6 percent in May, averaging 3.5 Bcf/d, continuing its monthly rise since July last year with the exception of October.

Atlantic produces LNG from natural gas delivered from offshore fields north and east of Trinidad owned and operated by affiliates of the company’s members and others.

The LNG producing company is owned by BP, Shell, China’s sovereign wealth fund CIC unit Summer Soca and Trinidad’s state-owned company NGC.


LNG World News Staff