U.S. Congressman Farenthold Forms Bipartisan LNG Export Caucus (VIDEO)

U.S. Congressman Farenthold Forms Bipartisan LNG Export Caucus (VIDEO)

U.S. Congressman Blake Farenthold launched the bipartisan Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Export Caucus along with three of his colleagues, Congressman Jim Costa, Congressman Joe Barton, and Congressman Filemon Vela to help the development and timely exportation of LNG.

The caucus also hopes to encourage a rational regulatory environment that ensures the production and exportation of LNG; creating jobs, helping the economy and cleaning the environment.

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Congressman Farenthold has long highlighted the benefits of increasing LNG exports. At a March 19th hearing of the House Oversight Subcommittee on Energy Policy, Farenthold urged the Department of Energy to expedite the permitting of LNG exports as the U.S. is at the forefront of gas exploration and must act now, striking while the iron is hot to create the jobs and opportunity abundant natural gas creates.

Also in January of this year, Congressman Farenthold joined House colleagues in sending a letter to Energy Secretary Steven Chu, expressing support for increasing LNG exports.

“America has a lot of clean burning natural gas. The Eagle Ford Shale, in the district I represent has created 400,000 jobs and roughly $2.6 billion in salaries and benefits in a just 13 county area,” said Congressman Farenthold on the House floor.

Similar booms are happening in other parts of the country like North Dakota and Pennsylvania. Our domestic energy creates widespread economic prosperity if we don’t ruin it with overregulation and red tape.

“Exporting some of America’s huge supply of natural gas will create tens of thousands more jobs, narrow our trade deficit by billions and helps both allies in need like Japan and the environment. And, when you factor in transportation costs, gas here at home will stay cheaper,” concluded Congressman Farenthold.

“Studies have shown that domestic exports of natural gas will boost the U.S. economy and strengthen trade relations with allies. Moreover, top energy experts have estimated that we currently have a supply of 750 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, more than a 100 year supply.”

LNG World News Staff, September 16, 2013; Image: farenthold.house.gov