UK: A&P TYNE Celebrates First Successful Venture into New Business Sector

A&P TYNE is celebrating it’s first successful venture into a new business sector after two buoyant subsea structures bound for an African offshore oil field left the yard at the weekend. The Mid Water Arches – which support pipelines and control systems as they rise from the seabed to the surface – are sailing to an oil field off the coast of Nigeria.

They were the first ever built at Hebburn-based A&P Tyne and marked an important move from the yard’s traditional ship repair skills into the oil and gas sector. The company’s ability to fulfill the order quickly was a major factor in it winning the contract from Trelleborg Offshore.

Martin Robertson, Sales and Marketing Manager at A&P Tyne, said: “The timescale was tight and it was important it was delivered on schedule. It was the first contract of its type for the company and it’s gone extremely well.  We did face some challenges – the welding requirements are quite strenuous and we had to ensure our welders met the certification levels needed.”

A team of 27 welders worked around-the-clock on the project for the subsea structures. Since the start of the year, A&P Tyne has cut, shaped and welded the 12 metre high and 25 metre long steel structures which are assembled around large composite foam buoyancy structures. The MWAs support pipelines and other control systems from the seabed to a floating production vessel on the surface.

Project manager Kenny Pugh said: “We needed to get our welders their 6GR certification, which is quite a rigorous standard. It’s not something you would normally need for ship repair but the level required for offshore and subsea work is extremely high. Trelleborg wanted the order done quickly and as the project developed there were some design changes that A&P acted upon swiftly. We also had to install and fabricate the sea fastenings, which the arches sit upon and hold them secure during the voyage from A&P to Africa.  We worked 24 hours around the clock, from start to finish. This project was a learning curve for A&P as it was the first time we’d built these structures but it went very well.  Hopefully the oil and gas sector can be another successful area of work for us.”

Phil Walsh, Global Marketing Manager of Trelleborg Offshore said: “We built a very good relationship with A&P and appreciate the dedication and effort that has been evident from day one. “These structures are an important part of a larger scope of work we are providing for a West Africa offshore project and the time line was very important.”

Neil Jarvis, Sales and Commercial Director at A&P Tyne, added: “We have successfully delivered critical subsea structures in a very short timeframe. As the subsea oil and gas market develops, with the oil majors extending their reach into ever deeper waters, we have proven our capabilities and are now trusted partners in delivering challenging projects to this important sector.”

A&P Tyne is now working on another subsea structure for an oil field off the coast of Norway.


Source: ap-group , May 04, 2011

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