UK: CMAL Announces Shortlist of Names for Next Sea Going Hybrid Ferry

CMAL Announces Shortlist of Names for Next Sea Going Hybrid Ferry

Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL) has announced the shortlist of names for their next sea going Roll On Roll Off vehicle and passenger diesel electric hybrid ferry, due to launch in summer 2013. The vessel is currently being built at Ferguson Shipyard in Port Glasgow and will be the second ferry in the new Scottish literature class, which will form the basis of all future hybrid ferry names.

The first hybrid ferry, the MV HALLAIG, launched in December last year.

The shortlist has been put forward by the CMAL Board and the Scottish Government, based on the very best of Scottish poetry and literature to reflect the ferry’s creative technology and local roots. The shortlisted names are –





The hybrid ferries are designed for use on many of the short crossing routes around the Clyde and Hebrides and this ferry will service the Tarbert to Portavadie route. Both ferries will accommodate 150 passengers, 23 cars or two HGVs, with a service speed of nine knots. The new ferries will use some of the most innovative new ‘green’ technology, including Lithium Ion battery banks supplying a minimum of 20% of the energy consumed on board.

Benefits include reduced fuel consumption and impact of CO2 emissions and other pollutants, noise reduction and lower maintenance requirements.

CMAL, March 5, 2013