UK: Marine Electronics Announces Launch of New Sonars at Oceanology 2012

Marine Electronics Ltd the Guernsey-based manufacturer of scientific and technical sonars, will be launching two new competitively priced commercial products at the Oceanology International exhibition during March in London. The Pin-Point diver detection sonar and the WideView 3D interferometric side scan sonar are both products of the company’s most advanced technologies. They will enable users to benefit from the latest developments in acoustic science and can be seen on Stand No E525.

The show will see the launch of the new MEL Pin-Point Diver Detection Sonar that has been developed to provide a precise 3D presentation of intruders active in the water column. This new security sonar differs from others on the market in that it not only locates underwater intruders but also enables users to establish the depth at which they are swimming. Security personnel equipped with this knowledge can then provide a more carefully structured reaction and interception strategy. Despite the advanced nature of the 3D sonar technology, the Pin-Point system is expected to prove attractive to organisations with a more restricted security budget yet a requirement for the best technology.

Marine Electronics Limited will also be adding an advanced new tool to the armoury of hydrographic surveyors with the introduction of its WideView 3D interferometric side scan sonar at Oceanology. This compact new system provides cutting edge technology that is expected to prove invaluable to surveyors using AUVs, towfish and surface remote controlled vehicles to obtain precise bathymetric data in difficult shallow water conditions. 3D interferometry is at the forefront of sonar technology and has the potential to offer significant operational cost savings by obtaining a wide swath of data in a single pass. This is particularly valuable for potentially dangerous shallow water inshore surveys where accurate data can be difficult and slow to obtain. It also offers benefits to users working in locations where a restricted weather window may limit the survey time available and demand the use of a faster data collection method.

Marine Electronics Ltd is based on the UK Channel Island of Guernsey and is widely regarded as a leading manufacturer of advanced and specialised sonar systems. The company is structured so that it can work closely with customers in the development of unique products aimed at addressing specific challenges in a range of marine and industrial applications. Products include sonars capable of following the movement of individual grains of sand in seabed surveys, seabed scouring around offshore wind turbines and others that can observe the build-up of sludge in sewer pipes or oil storage tanks. The company has also developed the first forward-looking 3D sonar with a one kilometre range for fitting to large surface vessels and for which it can provide warnings of shallow water or obstacles ahead.

Subsea World News Staff , January 19, 2012;  Image: Marine Electronics