UK: North Devon Skipper Joins CWind Boat Share Scheme

UK North Devon Skipper Joins CWind Boat Share Scheme

Scott Wharton, a North Devon skipper with 29 years’ experience fishing in the Bristol Channel, has joined the CWind boat share scheme taking on a new CTruk 20T vessel due for launch in mid-July.

The vessel, which like all CTruk’s proven resin composite 20T MPCs, delivers a very cost-effective package, including class leading fuel efficiency – burning half the fuel of a comparable alloy crew vessel, will join the CWind fleet working on offshore wind farms around the UK soon after.

Under CWind’s boat share scheme, the company and the skipper both invest in the vessel and agree the sharing of costs and profits. While the skipper contributes the experience and manpower to run the vessel, CWind contributes contracts and contacts within the offshore wind industry as well as fleet management and their proven health and safety operating system. The owner of a fleet of six fishing vessels, Scott’s company S&P Group, already employs skippers from Wales, Bideford and Ilfracombe, 22 full-time fishermen and six shore side workers. Similar to CWind’s boat share scheme, the skippers all own shares in the company giving them an enhanced interest and greater knowledge of the activities of the company. Scott Wharton himself is no stranger to the offshore wind industry either, having already undertaken traffic monitoring, plankton and trawl surveys over the last two to three years.

Peter Jorgensen, Managing Director of CWind commented: “We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Scott and his team to our boat share scheme. Their extensive experience in the Bristol Channel, many years of seafaring and their strong partnership are an excellent match for CWind. As demand for our fleet grows, we are always on the lookout for partners like Scott, who have the experience, the skills and the drive to deliver the best.”

Scott Wharton commented:” Joining the CWind boat share scheme allows us as a company to participate in the offshore wind industry. We have no intention of giving up fishing but as we all know, we need to find new ways of generating energy to support our economy and offshore wind is set to grow. We were looking for a partner that would recognise our strengths and in turn enable us to explore a new industry with confidence while we continue to provide employment for locals here. I strongly believe the two industries: fishing and offshore wind can and must work alongside each other.”


Press release, June 25, 2013; Image: cwind


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