UK: Oilgen Finds Footing in North-East


An Aberdeen-based reservoir engineering company is establishing itself as a leader in subsurface services for the North-east and abroad.

Oilgen, a consultancy specialising in high-tech reservoir modelling to forecast and improve oil and gas production, has already secured work with large firms based in Aberdeen and France.

The business is managed by husband and wife team Laurent Schirrer and Isabelle Vervoort, who each have a vast amount of experience in the oil and gas field, having moved from France to Aberdeen 15 years ago to work in the industry.

Since launching last year, Oilgen, which has headquarters in the city’s Queens Road, has worked with leading Aberdeen-based oil company Taqa Bratani investigating innovative techniques for enhanced oil recovery. Oilgen has also supported a project developing hundreds of millions of barrels in inland West Africa for Paris-based Maurel et Prom, and is now completing a second project for the company.

Oilgen develops reservoir simulation models of wells using geoscience engineering and production technology knowledge to determine new well locations and provide a better understanding of reserves and drilling opportunities. Oilgen also provides management and personnel on a project basis to assist oil firms in extracting more energy resources, such as oil or gas.

Mr Schirrer said: “We are driven to provide our reservoir engineering expertise to the large population of oil and gas companies in Aberdeen. We are proud to offer our specialist services in an area so highly regarded in the oil industry and our high-tech subsurface management allows companies to get the most from each drilling project and reservoir opportunity. We are already looking ahead to growth in the coming years to accommodate even more clients and further expand our team.”

In addition to subsurface modelling and development services, Oilgen operates an advisory branch, which includes experienced consultants to further support its clients in reserves and acquisitions.

Subsea World News Staff, May 9, 2012; Image: Oilgen