UK: OSBIT Power’s MaXccess System Gets Innovation Award

UK - OSBIT Power’s MaXccess System Gets Innovation Award

NOF Energy, the business support organisation for oil, gas, nuclear and offshore renewables, has named OSBIT Power (OP) as the winner of its Innovation & Technology Award 2012.

The award comes in recognition of OP’s development and commercial introduction of its MaXccess offshore access system, an innovative and exceptional product providing safer, more weather tolerant, access to offshore wind farms. The company, established in 2010, set out to create an elegant and robust solution to the continuing problem of safely accessing wind turbines in harsh conditions.

“Over the past two years OP has developed MaXccess from an initial concept into a proven solution to the challenge of gaining safe access to wind turbines in higher wave conditions. Our approach has been to undertake rigorous and phased testing of the system throughout its development; this has included full scale prototype trials and offshore testing at three sites in the UK and Norway. Recognition of the hard work by the OP team over this time to engineer a simple, clever and elegant solution to the problem is greatly appreciated”, says CEO Tony Trapp.

“Creating new technology is something that we have been doing in the North East of England for over 35 years. Building a new company and a new team to develop and exploit a solution to the offshore access problem has been challenging and hugely rewarding. It is our aim to establish OP as a leader in a number of niche technologies, access being one of these. Our first MaXccess system has now completed four months of commercial operations at SSE and RWE’s Greater Gabbard site, the second system will soon be operating at Scira’s Sheringham Shoal development, and a larger MaXccess model is being delivered in March 2013 to address the larger crew transfer vessels now in use. We are achieving our objectives and look forward to launching and developing further innovative access systems in 2013.”

George Rafferty, Chief Executive of NOF Energy, said: “The UK energy sector supply chain is world-renowned for its ability to consistently deliver technological innovation to enhance the industry. OSBIT Power symbolises the high standard of innovative companies operating in this country. Its team deserves this award for creating a unique and effective solution and for their innovation driving the business forward.”


OSBIT Power, December 11, 2012