UK: Penzance Latest Minehunter to Receive Rosyth Revamp

Penzance Latest Minehunter to Receive Rosyth Revamp

HMS Penzance has arrived in Rosyth as the minehunter becomes the latest to undergo a multi-million-pound revamp in the dockyard. The ship will be out of action for five months as her ship’s company and experts from Babcock overhaul her from bow to stern and main mast to keel.

When she emerges from the impressive ship shed at the yard, among other upgrades, she’ll be the first Sandown-class vessel with an enhanced 30mm cannon – the ship’s main weapon.

Refit provides an ideal opportunity for Penzance and her ship’s company to achieve a high state of operational readiness before our next deployment,” said Penzance’s CO Lt Cdr Chris Allan. The combination of Babcock’s upgrade of the material state of the hull and the Royal Navy’s first-class training of its sailors will ensure we are fully prepared to return to the Fleet in earnest in the very near future.”

The ship enters refit just weeks after her sister Grimsby emerged from the same yard; the latter is undergoing trials currently before rejoining the front-line Fleet.

Press Release, December 19, 2012