Ulstein unveils two new heavy lift vessel designs

Ulstein has officially introduced the HX103 and HX104 designs, DP3 vessels at the OTC 2015 conference in Houston. 

A dedicated feature on the DP3 designed vessels is the heavy-lift capability with large outreach combined with a large open deck space and accommodation for 350 and 500 people on board.

Ulstein says that the fully SPS compliant designs also mark the entry of the ULSTEIN X-BOW in this segment of the construction market.

According to the press release, Ulstein has paid significant attention to combine good DP capabilities with relatively small installed power and smart DP lay-out, reducing the vessel’s overall environmental footprint.

Ulstein unveils two new heavy lift vessel designs_

Optimised for DP2 capability, the HX103 design includes a main crane of 1,000 tonnes at 26m outreach revolving and 320 tonnes at 68m, as well as a deck crane of 50 tonnes at 24m outreach. Its “big brother”, the ULSTEIN HX104 design, has a heavy-lift capability of 2,000 tonnes at 30 m radius and 685 tonnes at 74 m outreach.

ULSTEIN HX103 design

Main dimensions:
Loa 146.0 m
Lpp 140.2 m
Beam (moulded) 32.0 m
Depth 11.2 m
Draught (design) 7.0 m
Service speed 12 kn
Installed power 6 x 2,800 kW
Positioning DP3
Complement 350 persons

ULSTEIN HX104 design

Main dimensions:
Loa 174.0 m
Lpp 167.0 m
Beam (moulded) 36.0 m
Depth 11.2 m
Draught (design) 7.0 m
Service speed 13 kn
Installed power 6 x 3,300 kW
Positioning DP3
Complement 500 persons