University Students Test DP Algorithms Onboard RV Gunnerus

Students and researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) were given the opportunity to test their Dynamic Positioning (DP) algorithms in a full-scale setting.

The trials took place in the Trondheimsfjord aboard the RV ‘Gunnerus’, the NTNU-owned research and education vessel for which Kongsberg donated K-Pos DP system in 2015.

Called ‘The AMOS DP Research Cruise 2016’, PhD students and researchers were given access to the K-Pos system on RV Gunnerus for a total of six days, allowing them to fully understand how their algorithm research and development translates to real-life operations at sea.

“This DP test campaign is unique. For the first time our PhD students have been given the opportunity to test their own work in real conditions,” said Roger Skjetne, professor at NTNU’s Department of Marine Technology and cruise leader. “While our simulators provide a deep insight into how different DP control algorithms will affect a DP vessel dynamically, to actually have access to a vessel with an industrial-level DP system allows the PhD students and researchers at NTNU AMOS to truly understand the effects and relevance that their work has on the complete DP system and operation.”

Arne Rinnan, vice president Technology – Kongsberg Group, said: “By sponsoring R/V Gunnerus and contributing to other education and academic programs we are supporting a sustainable future for maritime technology development.”

The DP algorithm trials were supervised by the R/V Gunnerus’ crew and a team of Kongsberg Maritime engineers.

Rune Skullestad, lead engineer, Kongsberg Maritime who was on board R/V Gunnerus for the trials said: “This is a typical example of how Kongsberg is practically contributing to R&D. It is a win-win situation, since the researchers and students can test their ideas and development in real life, and Kongsberg can potentially pick up new ideas and concepts. Together we are actually shaping the next generation of DP technology.”

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