US, German Companies Form Cement Carrier Alliance

Germany-based Baltrader and US-based United Bulk Carriers (UBC) have entered into a cooperation agreement to jointly market their respective fleets of pneumatic cement carriers.

Illustration. Source: Wikimedia - under the CC0 1.0 license; Image by: Tvabutzku1234

The two companies will work together under the newly launched Cement Carrier Alliance (CCA).

As explained, the aim is to offer a wider range of vessel sizes to existing and new customers while enhancing marketing to current and developing markets.

With currently 15 specialized, modern, self-discharging cement carriers, the alliance consists of vessels ranging from 3,000 up to 15,000 dwt.

“As two independent partners motivated by the same objectives, we have teamed up for the marketing of our respective cement carrier fleets,” CCA said in a statement.

Baltrader and UBC, which is part of the Germany-based Hartmann Group, noted they remain independent entities each operating out of their own offices. CCA will be jointly represented by the UBC office in Philadelphia and the Baltrader office in Hamburg.