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US Petrochemical Supply Chain & Logistics Market Overview 2018

Petrochemical Update have recently released their 2018 – State of the U.S. Petrochemical Supply Chain Whitepaper, a brand new, free to download, 60-page paper providing key analysis on the most pressing challenges, developments and trends facing the US petrochemical supply chain & logistics industry in 2018.

Download the free 60-page whitepaper here.

The 2018 State of the U.S. Petrochemical Supply Chain whitepaper provides analysis of the rapid growth of U.S. downstream markets and evolving export trends and trade flows. The challenges the supply chain is facing amid an emerging export tsunami and simultaneous looming trade war are analyzed; as well as the innovative solutions supply chain professionals are using to shape the future of the supply chain.

Key Features of the whitepaper include:

– Capacity Editions – The latest data on petrochemical capacity expected to hit the market in 2018-2020 and how those additions will play a key role in supply chain decisions and investments
– 2018-2020 Supply Chain Spending – Assess how much is being spent to support supply chain growth and where this is being spent in relation to port, rail, vessel, packaging and infrastructure projects
– Supply Chain Tech Innovations – Hear how blockchain technology, automation and autonomous driving are set to radically change supply chain operations in 2018 and beyond
– Trade & Cargo Flows – Examine emerging new export markets for America’s plastic resin wave and assess the potential impacts of an impending trade war with China on petrochemical exports
– Container Shortages – Hear a viable solution to addressing container shortages by ports, trucking and rail working together
– Hurricane Harvey – Lessons learned post Harvey and how stakeholders are working to improve the resiliency of the supply chain post major weather events

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