USA: Bee Mar’s PSV M/V Bumble Bee Starts Operations in Gulf of Mexico

Bee Mar LLC announced recently that its latest DP-2 U. S. Flag Platform Supply Vessel (PSV), the M/V Bumble Bee, completed sea trials and entered service in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

The announcement was made by Bee Mar president and chief executive officer Van C. DeWitt, who added, “The M/V Bumble Bee is a welcome addition to our busy fleet. Our domestic and international customers are very pleased with the technical design, station-keeping and cargo capacities of our new DP-2 platform supply vessel fleet in service globally.” Mr. DeWitt also stated that “Bee Mar’s clients recognize the tremendous value and versatility of our DP-2 PSV fleet. These state-of-the-art vessels, which were all built at Bollinger Shipyard in Lockport, La., combined with the ‘can-do’ attitude of our seasoned shore and sea staff, provides our customers with an unbeatable value.”

The M/V Bumble Bee is the first in a new sister-ship series of 4,000 BHP, DP-2 platform supply vessels; with a clear deck area of 8,225 ft2 (175 x 47 ft), liquid mud capacity of 9,000 barrels and a cargo carrying capability of 3,000 long tons. The Bumble Bee Class fleet is being added to the existing Busy Bee Class fleet of DP-2 vessels currently operating worldwide. This five-vessel U.S. Flag fleet was also built in a sister ship design, each with 2,700 long tons of cargo carrying capability, 4,000 BHP, 7,050 ft2 (150 x 47 ft) of clear deck and 6,300 barrels of liquid mud capacity. The Busy Bee vessel series, so named for the first vessel in the fleet, have been hard at work in the U.S. Gulf and international markets since Bee Mar commenced vessel operations in June 2009.


Source: Beemar, May 17, 2010;

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