USA: BlueView Includes Shipping of ProViewer Plus with Target Tracking by SeeByte

BlueView Technologies, the world leader in compact acoustic imaging and measurement technology, is now including its new ProViewer Plus operating software with all 2D Multibeam Imaging Sonar shipments.

ProViewer Plus features the industry’s most advanced target tracking capabilities through exclusive data analytics developed by SeeByte. The new operating software enables users to track, monitor, and classify multiple targets simultaneously, and automate underwater navigation controls.

“ProViewer Plus enables a new class of smart sonar systems that enables automated navigation and dynamic positioning for ROVs, while making it easy for users to track or monitor targets in real-time” said Jason Seawall, BlueView Chief Operations Officer.

BlueView is the leader in 2D imaging and 3D scanning sonar technology with more than 500 installed systems worldwide. BlueView Technologies’ advanced sonar systems are currently deployed on AUVs, ROVs, surface vessels, fixed positions, and portable tripods, and have been adopted by leading manufacturers and service providers to support mission critical operations. BlueView customers enjoy a low cost of ownership with reliable operation, exceptional service, in-person training, extensive online information, and worldwide after-sale support.

Subsea World News Staff , March 07, 2012;  Image: BlueView