USA: Chevron Selects Framo Engineering for Delivery of Subsea Pumping Systems to Jack & St.Malo Fields


Chevron U.S.A. Inc. has awarded Framo Engineering the contract for engineering, procurement, manufacturing and delivery of complete subsea pumping systems for the Jack & St.Malo fields in the Gulf of Mexico.

Framo Engineering Managing Director, Ole Gams Steine, states; “We are very proud and grateful that Chevron has taken onboard the Life of Field philosophy that Framo Engineering has invented, developed and implemented through 28 years in the subsea hi-tech market niche. This philosophy forms the basis for how we operate, organize, innovate, design, manufacture, deliver the products and support our clients throughout the life of a subsea oil & gas field.”

The scope of supply consists of several Framo Single-pump Stations (FSS), Framo Cx Subsea single-phase pumps, subsea electrical power components including high voltage wet mateable connectors and subsea transformers, subsea pump control system, installation, intervention and testing tools, and all project management, engineering, Q-HSE and administration services in order to fulfill the project deliverables.

“We are confident, however humble, to the challenge ahead of us”, says Jon Arve Sværen, Sales Director – “as the Jack / St. Malo project takes us deeper, with longer step-outs and at higher pressures than any subsea boosting system has ever been before”.


Source: Framo Engineering, April 11, 2011;