USA: Forum Energy Technologies Introduces Major Software Release -VMAX 2.0

Forum Energy Technologies, Inc. (FET) announced that its Subsea Solutions business has released VMAX 2.0, an extensive upgrade to their existing VMAX Project Simulator software.

VMAX is used by operators, service companies and engineering firms to run simulations of complex situations in a subsea environment. This is especially useful in situations where expensive assets are deployed or spread rates are substantial. In deep water, where Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and specialty tooling are used to perform complicated tasks, simulation increases the probability of success.

VMAX 2.0 offers additional functionality, providing customers:

* Full control of scenario development that reduces simulation cost and facilitates bringing simulation in-house if desired

* Cutting edge graphical advancements used in the entertainment industry

* Customizable hardware interface to allow easy connection to a console or simulator

* Modular software suite design allowing purchase of individual components

VMAX 2.0 allows ROV operators to design and validate engineering designs with procedures for on-site rehearsal and instant feedback, prior to Systems Integration Testing. This helps reduce costly engineering change orders and improves operating margins.

VMAX 2.0 is powered by SIMTEK Engine™, a proprietary software development kit for offshore simulation developed entirely by VMAX Technologies, a product line of FET, which can be used to develop other types of simulators useful in pipe-lay, on-deck operations, vessels movement and crane operations. SIMTEK Engine is commercially available for licensing.

About FET

Forum Energy Technologies Inc. is a global provider of manufactured technologies and applied products to the energy industry. Headquartered in Houston, TX, FET’s 2,000 employees provide the products and technologies essential to solving the increasingly complex challenges of the oil and gas industry. VMAX Technologies is a product line of Forum Energy Technologies’ Subsea Solutions business which provides state of the art products and services to global underwater industries including oil and gas exploration and production.


Source:FET, January 7, 2011; Image:Vmax

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