USA: ION Installs Orca System on BGP’s Prospector Vessel

ION Geophysical Corporation announced that it has achieved a milestone 50th installation of its Orca® Command and Control system, on BGP’s 12-streamer Prospector. Since its introduction just six years ago, Orca has been used to manage towed streamer seismic data acquisition operations on nearly half of all vessels in operation around the world. Orca recently surpassed its popular predecessor, ION’s Spectra® , in market share.

ION attributes Orca’s rapid success to the system’s advanced capabilities for high-end 3D and complex survey operations. Des Flynn, Vice President of ION’s Concept Systems group, commented, “The introduction of Orca’s advanced seismic data acquisition capabilities has made previously impossible operations achievable. Whether the objective is to achieve high quality repeatability for a 4D survey, execute the most challenging survey geometries for wide azimuth surveys, or simply manage the data of upwards of 20 streamers and multiple vessels, Orca’s new survey-wide architecture and capabilities make it possible.” 

Orca integrates acquisition, positioning, source, and QC systems’ data management and control into a seamless platform, streamlining visibility and control to help operators safely and effectively execute challenging geometries and multi- vessel operations, while delivering simple, efficient processes for 2D and 3D acquisition. The system’s automated workflows are designed to contribute to significantly more efficient seismic operations through reduced downtime, minimal  infill, lower costs, and shorter cycle time.

Orca is used by the world’s leading seismic contractors, many of whom have long-term, multi-year agreements, including Polarcus, PGS, CGG Veritas, Fugro, COSL, Dolphin Geophysical, JOGMEC, DMNG, Reflect Geophysical, and most recently, BGP.

Source:ION ,September 21, 2011; Image:BGP

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