USA: PUC Approves Statoil’s Contract with Utility Companies

USA: PUC Approves Statoil's Contract with Utility Companies

Norwegian energy giant Statoil has reached a milestone with their wind energy project offshore Maine’s Boothbay Harbor, writes the Associated Press.

Specifically, the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) approved Statoil’s contract with utility companies after the company reduced costs of its Hywind Maine project.

When completed, this USD 120 million project would have four wind turbines installed 12 miles off the Maine’s coast with a total capacity of 12MW.

Some concerns were raised about the cost of power from this project by state Energy Director Patrick Woodcock, who said: “First and foremost, this administration seeks to reduce high electricity costs to Maine families. Our energy costs are among the highest in the nation and if this project adds to that burden I have questions as to how economically viable it is for the State of Maine.”

On the other hand, Commissioner David Littell said the PUC had received letters from the Maine State Chamber of Commerce and many companies in support of this project.

“There’s broad support from our business community for this proposal. The project is already producing work for approximately 25 workers in Maine and that number will increase over the next two to three years as it ramps up in design, engineering and preconstruction activities,” said Littell.


Press release, January 28, 2013; Image: hywind

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