Venous’ Ships Banned from UAE Ports, Waters

United Arab Emirates’ Federal Transport Authority (FTA) has banned ships belonging to Venous Ship Management & Operation or to its owners from operating in UAE ports and waters.

The FTA added that the above-specified ships are also banned from anchoring in UAE waters.

As explained, the prohibition is “for the sake of protecting seafarers’ rights and due to repeated cases of seafarers’ abandonment” by Fujairah-based Venous Ship Management.

What is more, the FTA has warned all seafarers and ships’ agents from dealing with this company or other companies owned by the same owners.

In October 2017, the FTA and the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) agreed to work together to tackle abandonment cases in UAE waters. Both parties agreed to develop a protocol to govern a closer working relationship, including increased cooperation and information exchange.

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