Veripos introduces Apex High-accuracy Positioning solution

Veripos has extended its range of services with the introduction of Apex, a new high-accuracy positioning solution. It is designed to meet all offshore and navigation requirements, including those for seismic exploration, drilling, survey and construction support activities.

Complementing the company’s existing widely-used Ultra service, Apex similarly uses precise point positioning (PPP) methods for correction and/or modelling of GNSS error sources. Each service operates independently, providing continuous decimetre-level accuracies.

For delivery of the Apex service Veripos operates its own orbit and clock determination system (OCDS) which derives real-time corrections for all GPS constellation satellites using proprietary algorithms. Data is taken from the company’s global network of more than 80 reference stations, with multiple and redundant OCDS systems running in parallel from two independent network control centres in Aberdeen and Singapore.

With a typical correction update rate of 30 seconds, Apex is broadcast alongside Ultra via seven L-band geostationary satellites to ensure full availability and service redundancy. The service is available using Veripos LD2, LD3 and new LD6 hardware and supported by Verify-QC and Verify-DP visualisation software.


Source: news,April 7,2010;