Vermilion Runs Matrix’s Centralizers on Australian Wells

Vermilion Runs Matrix's Centralizers on Australian Wells

Vermilion Oil & Gas, a wholly owned subsidiary of Canadian based Vermilion Energy Inc, has run Matrix Composites & Engineering’s (Matrix) ultra-low friction revolution centralizers on the sandface completions of two challenging extended reach drilling (ERD) side tracks of existing wells.

The wells are located in the Wandoo Field on Australia’s North West Shelf.

The extremely shallow depth of the reservoir in the Wandoo Field and the demanding ERD profiles of the wells provide a highly challenging environment for running sand face completions. Keeping friction factors as low as possible is critical to successfully running the sand screens to depth. All of the technologies chosen by Vermilion for their 2013 wells were part of a carefully constructed plan to minimise friction factors associated with running the sand face completion. After a rigorous product selection process. Vermilion chose the Matrix Ultra-Low Friction Revolution Centralizer in 5-1/2″ and 6-5/8″ ID x 8-1/4″ OD.

The Matrix Ultra-Low Friction Revolution Centralizers are designed specifically for extremely challenging, longer deviated wells. The centralizers are made from very low friction composite materials that have a 50 per cent lower dry static co-efficient of friction than competing technologies. This significantly reduces torque and drag, whilst lowering the amount of centralizer wear and material loss.

Made from composite materials, Matrix centralizers also eliminate the need for expensive casing couplings and do not corrode like steel or aluminium based centralizers.

Commenting on the centralizers, Vermilion’s Well Construction Manager, Nick Muecke, said: “The Matrix Ultra-Low Friction Revolution Centralizers were a key component of the sand face completion. Ensuring that the drag associated with the sand screens was as low as possible was critical to getting them to depth.”

Matrix’s Well Construction Commercial Manager, Jason Kent, said: “The Matrix Ultra-Low Friction Revolution Centralizers are ideal for extremely challenging environments where friction factors must be minimised. We are constantly evolving and expanding our centralizer product range to meet the diverse range of challenging environments that our clients’ operate within. With sales offices, agents and warehouses in the northern and southern hemisphere, we are able to supply centralizers as required by our global client base.”

Press Release, January 14, 2014