Vessel Repair at Naval Shipyard Gdynia in Full Swing

This week will see the Naval Shipyard Gdynia S.A. finish the overhaul of the bulk carrier “Ara Amsterdam”.

Under the contract with the shipowner ARA Group, the shipyard was hired for maintenance of the hull and the hold, repair of bulkheads and hatch covers mainly straightening, steel renewal and other maintenance works.

Additionally, load tests of gantry were done and all necessary measurements of the rudder and main engine shafting.

On September 9th 2013, the shipyard took on the repair of a general cargo vessel “BENTE” which belongs to the the Dutch Shipowner B.V. Kustvaartbedrift Moerman. The work-scope includes sandblasting and painting of the hull and hold, survey of bottom valves and renewal of pipelines in the power plant.

Moreover, it is planned to overhaul turbo-compressors and air cooler of the main engine, followed by a periodical survey after 5 years of the fire-fighting and life-saving equipment. Besides, steel-works will be done in the hold No. 1 and No. 2, seals of the propeller shaft will be renewed and electric cable from power plant to bow thruster will also be exchanged.

Survey of the bearing of the main engine and measurement of insulation and cleaning of the main switchboard will be carried out as well by September 21st, when the repair work should be completed.

Press Release, September 17, 2013